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US law enforcement uses Russian voice software



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Post Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:33 pm

US law enforcement uses Russian voice software

‘Voice Grid Nation’ is a system that uses advanced algorithms to match identities to voices. Brought to the US by Russia’s Speech Technology Center, it claims to be capable of allowing police, federal agencies and other law enforcement personnel to build up a huge database containing up to several million voices.

That just what you needed to here. The US gov't working with Russia's Speech Technology Center.



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Post Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:08 pm

Re: US law enforcement uses Russian voice software

Hmm, interesting stuff. Thanks for posting it.

They've been using stuff like this for years. I can only guess that this Russian software is either more accurate than what they already have, or it's algorithms allow a faster search amongst larger databases.


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Post Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:31 pm

Re: US law enforcement uses Russian voice software

That there is a bunch of alarmist BS. Even the first line in the article gives you an idea of where they're going, and how you're not going to get one unbiased point out of these people. I highly recommend you read the comment section too. I can't decide if I like the guy talking about how Russian troops are already here or the one who said the CIA is trying to shut down his internet connection (which he then bypassed, obviously).

Focusing on the actual articles content though... I wanted to know more before I said anything, so hereis a breakdown of TrapWire and what it does. Here is the BLOG from Slate.com they copied their info from.

So lets check some other sources then. Google news search results for SpeechPro. Google news search for Voice Grid Nation. Yep, the only results are this article and a copy of it on another blog.

Okay, so how about the source. RT.com it seems, stands for Russia Today. From the Wiki article: "RT, also known as Russia Today, is a government-funded autonomous, non-profit[1] global multilingual television news network based in Russia." Seems legit. Make sure you check out the Controversies, criticisms and response section.

Alright, I'll stop now.
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