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live auction with several knives



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Post Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:01 am

live auction with several knives

http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photo ... &zip=&kwd=

Thursday, April 2, at 5 pm central time I will be attending a live estate auction 2 miles from my house. This auction has several different knives on the auction block. See link for photos. The knives will be sold individually as 'choice' and not by the box full as in photos.I know many KPers are knife enthusiasts. If anyone has a serious interest in the knives and would wish for me to place a bid on 1 or 2 or ?, then send a PM before 3:30 pm central time, Thursday, April 2. I will be there bidding on other items. The total paid for each item works like this: bid cost of item + 5.5% WI tax + buyers fee (auctioneer charges 10% per item) + my cost to ship = total cost. None of the auction items are mine nor do I know the owners. I do know the auctioneer.
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Re: live auction with several knives

Knives are mostly pretty cheap, although the Buck 650 looks like a good using knife and the yellow Case folder may have some collector value.

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