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total 100% noob trying to open a safe. Hi and HELP !!!




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Post Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:58 pm

total 100% noob trying to open a safe. Hi and HELP !!!

I read a whole bunch of tutorials. Set up a foot long pointer to help widen the graduations. I still would like it to be 2 feet long though. At 1/8 of an increment, I still run into changes as small as 1/16 increment.

I'm wondering why nobody put a 5 foot diameter degree wheel onto the knob to begin with. I think I'd be able to understand 360 degrees and 60 minutes of a degree much easier than I can 1/8 increments of a 100 scale ... or should I say 0 to 99 scale ?

After AWL and AWR trial runs through a couple of first graphs I do not feel like I see where to magnify. There seem to be several places but I get a lot of discrepancy when trying AWL or AWR.

I took the AWR 1st graph a step further to determine which wheel by going 10 high and then 10 low. The 2nd graph was basically a straight line ! Only one deviation on the right contact point and regions similar to the 1st graph on the left contact point. I have yet to complete an entire graphing exercise ending with trying different third graph dial numbers.

Am I being too impatient ? It's S&G 3670 I believe, Black face knob with the S&G logo. Numbers on a silver ring are exposed all the way around. Should I post my troubles in another part of the forum instead of introductions ?


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Post Wed Nov 14, 2018 11:04 pm

Re: total 100% noob trying to open a safe. Hi and HELP !!!

Hi, the safes' section is probably a better part, and please with photos! We are all very visual here. :)
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Post Thu Nov 15, 2018 2:09 am

Re: total 100% noob trying to open a safe. Hi and HELP !!!

Hopefully a mod will shift this to the safe area.

But a few quick thoughts -

1. If the lock is a S&G 6730 (I'm thinking 3670 is a typo) then you should be good with manipulating to 8ths.
2. Your problem is FAR more likely to be not having a good feel for the contact points yet, rather than not having the ability to read 16ths.
3. A standard S&G dial can be comfortably read to 8ths just using a gooseneck magnifier, you really don't need pointers or lasers for this. (But once you know what you're doing, they do help, just be speeding things up a bit.)
4. I'd go AWL or AWR (or both) a few times just working on getting a consistent feel for the contact points before you start trying to interpret the graph. Once you can get consistent readings to 8ths, THEN start trying to figure out what the numbers mean.
5. If you're going to use a magnifier, mind the parallax.
6. As Martin says above - post pics...both of the dial and graphs. We like pics.
7. Have fun. Safes are awesome.
8. Practice practice practice...



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Post Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:18 pm

Re: total 100% noob trying to open a safe. Hi and HELP !!!

You can use a laser on the dial instead of a 10 foot long pointer, if you also use 1 or more mirrors you can get the effect a 100+ foot long pointer would give. You can get readings that are a few feet apart if you really want.

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