Post Sun Apr 01, 2018 12:42 am

New Lurker Stepping in to Say Hi

Greetings folks. For the most part I am a reader so you may or may not "see" me around much. However, given I was pointed to this site as an excellent resource for finding used locks for sale and trade, I figured it wise to say hello before attempting to conduct business.

I have had an interest in picking/bypassing locks since I saw MacGyver do it on TV in the 80's but it has only been in the last year or so that I've actually pursued it. I do practice as often as possible but I wouldn't say I am anything special skill wise. My lock collection isn't anything special either but I am trying to fix that. I'd really like to start adding some of the more challenging locks and styles to my pile this year.

Anyway, a bit about me...I am 40 this year, a family man with 4 kids ages 4 to 12, and am a Windows SysAdmin from 8 to 5 M-F.

That's me in summation. I look forward to meeting, interacting, and learning from you folks. Thanks for reading!