Post Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:43 pm

Introducing myself :-)

Hi, I got interested in safe locks when replacing a failing electronic lock on one of my gunsafes. Having lost confidence in electronic locks, I first replaced it with a mechanical S&G 6730, but searching the net I found that this lock is not manipulation resistant . It's also slow in daily use. So I purchased some redundant locks, as I think they will be the best of both worlds. I'm planning to try to obtain manipulation skills with the 6730 .

The redundant locks I purchased was a couple of NL Locks Rotobolt and a Securam Xtreme

I was dismayed to find that while the Rotobolt has an UL 2M mechanical lock, that of the Securam has an unrated chinese made mechanical lock. And the Securam lock cost nearly 4 times that of the Rotobolt and also costs more than my container! I feel cheated.

I would like to know if anybody here has tried to manipulate the mechanical lock of a Securam Xtreme, and can tell me if it is hard or easy to manipulate, but I probably should post that question somewhere else on the forum when I have familiarized myself here :-)