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DoeOmega...The Unknown End




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DoeOmega...The Unknown End

Hello pickers of the existence of now. My name is Matt. I have been picking since I was 18, some thirty years or so. Does that make me old or experienced? Live in Utah, grew up on west coast.

DoeOmega...The Unknown End is a name I assumed for many activities after my Dad was involved in a cycling accident at age 74. Pedaled his bikey 3743 miles in last six months of his life. When transported to hospital he was assigned the name Doe Omega at admissions as he was not known when he arrived. The name fit the existence of us all in the idea that we know not our ending. John Doe assigned to male persons at the hospital when no information is available. Omega the next Greek alphabet letter in sequence on that day for unknown persons. Fits well for lock picking as we approach a new challenge.

Picking experience includes mostly hobby challenges for fun. Once upon a time I worked in a service industry that requires 24/7 coverage. Very frustrating to arrive at a job site only to find the access locked and no responsible party with correct access. Would with very limited occasions open enclosures where I was permitted access, read as gray area in my picking activities. I probably could explain away a concerned law enforcement officer but might get in trouble.

Tools...lots of variation here. Cheap pick set from a gun show was my first. Currently have a few South Ord and Peterson parts. 20 piece pick set, jigglers, pick gun, and large gem paper clips. The last have pulled some fun stories together for me. First no suspicious questions about a paper clip. Easily formed into a very weak torsion wrench and hook pick. Did I say weak? First paper clip pick job was while I was working as a security guard about 25 years back. Locked my keys in the office and did not want to call supervisor. Found two gem clips in large size and was treated with a fairly easy pick on the office security lock. I was shocked how simple it ended. Repeated once when my supervisor was onsite for a spot check, loved his reaction.

Last year I visited my brother at Stanford and while touring the campus his car was locked in the parking structure. Scrounged two gems and with permission from the parking enforcement supervisor proceeded to go to word on the Master #5 on the chain link gate. It was slow but the poor uneducated college student nearly fell over when the lock popped open. Gave him the paper clips as souvenirs.

I need more challenges to expand my experience in picking and lock knowledge. I’ve become familiar with Bosnian Bill and some others via you tube. Throw some lock types that will challenge but not cause things to become airborne, unless you invite me to go paragliding with you. Most common house door locks and padlocks that I meet are defeated with reasonable time and effort.

I look forward to new friends and challenges.


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OldddffAASSTT the Spin Master Extraordinaire and American Lock Slayer
OldddffAASSTT the Spin Master Extraordinaire and American Lock Slayer

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Re: DoeOmega...The Unknown End

Matt, a big welcome to you sir. I'm Mike. I think many of us are behind on the 'welcome wagon', given the time of year. But don't worry... this is a pretty active forum usually! You'll find plenty of opportunity, both for learning, and for helping others. Certainly sounds like you have some experience to share. The folks around here never cease to amaze and inspire me. See you around!
" Enjoy the journey AS MUCH as the destination."

Patrick Star

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Re: DoeOmega...The Unknown End


This isn't the most active forum around, but the average quality is certainly the highest. And we're happy to cover the whole range from "which end of the tension wrench goes into the lock?" to "how do I manufacture a tool straight out of a sci-fi movie for the Super Unpickable 9000 series of locks?"

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