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Former Locksmith Here




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Former Locksmith Here

Hello! I found you after cruising the net trying to find a site to list for sale some locksmith stuff I have. Ten years ago I thought I would take it easy for awhile and go into the locksmith trade. I was doing OK but as it always goes there was not enough time in one day to get everything done or all I had was time and the phone never rang. But one day my phone did ring and it was a former employer asking me if I was looking for work, after a long pause I ask "What's it Pay". He offered me a salary that I couldn't say no to but I would be traveling the country as an aviation contractor on his dime. So after 2 weeks from saying yes and signing an agreement I was off. I literally locked up my shop, parked my van and was off to Arkansas.

After four years of traveling, I took the time to clean out the van and sold her. Only coming home after every contract for a week or sometimes 4 weeks. I have sold some stuff over the years but I have so much more that it's time for it all to go. As I do on other sites I will give 5% of what the item or items sell for after PayPal takes their cut to this site.



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Re: Former Locksmith Here

Welcome to Keypicking!

You will most likely want to post your locks / locksmith tools up for sale under the Buy, Sell & Trade section:


what lock brands do you specialize in?

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