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Hi from a newbie




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Hi from a newbie

Hey all. Thought I would intro myself. Been picking locks for a few weeks and I'm getting hooked. Never thought it would be this fun opening locks without bothering to use a key. I have hundreds of customers in my business that lock up their equipment and then lose the keys by the time we come around for annual inspections, so this hobby will come in handy. Since I'm retired now I have time enough to collect locks so I've been opening Masters left and right. God, they are junk aren't they. I can open them about 3 out of four now. I live in Riverside CA now. Planning on moving to Coeur d'Alene ID next year. I starting picking this practice lock I bought online and I have that the Picchu set that came with it is pretty basic. So I'm looking to get a better set.


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Re: Hi from a newbie

Hi Jammer and welcome to the world of lockpicking and this site.

I am concerned that you may not realize that one of the major rules in lockpicking is that we do not pick locks that are in use.

Many of the lockpickers here can tell you how in picking a lock it got so screwed up that it didn't work anymore.

Let me know if you are interested in downloading any of the excellent free tutorials on lockpicking and making your own tools and I can pm you some of the links.

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