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Noob City




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Noob City

Hi All.

I found this forum while searching for locks that are more difficult to pick to upgrade the locks in my home. The bump key segment on the news a few years ago got me to change all of the locks in my house the next day but that was several years ago and I want to go deeper now.

I've always been kind of a tech/mechanical nerd and while I was never good at sports, I was always good at manual dexterity (typing, piano tuning, fixing things) so maybe that's a Segway for learning more about locks. I was also shocked to see how easy it is to pick some of them and thought maybe I should learn too.

I'm also looking for a new vocation and I'm even thinking about contacting the local locksmiths in the area to see if they're looking for apprentices or an assistant or even a partner in their business. I like safes too!

I'm in the north Charlotte, Lake Norman area.

I didn't see a lot of FAQs or Stickys for noobs like myself so if there is a thread or two someone in a good mood feels like pointing me to, it would be greatly appreciated. One last thing . . . I see ads for tools and kits on this site and on some of the YouTube videos. I'm sure they won't steer me wrong but I bet members here could steer me better: what should I buy starting out (as in tools and training aids)?



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Re: Noob City

Welcome Picky1.

This is a big site and there is a ton of info. here and a lot of helpful people.

I've seen the questions that you are asking re: picks etc. posted in lots of threads. Noob city is a good place to start.

Just start wandering around and you will find all the info that you are seeking.

Cheers. :slainte:
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