Post Wed Sep 23, 2015 1:00 am

Re: Shearlock's YouTube Channel...

Tricky lock for your first vid. Very nicely done! I enjoyed watching and could relate to your "20 previous failed attempts". lol
First one I tried (also a 5200) seemed un-pickable. What a feeling when I finally got it! Funny thing too... I realized I had
probably already picked it several times but never knew it. The false set wasn't a false set. Ha! I just had to turn it.

Seeing how you're still starting out, may I make some suggestions I wish I had known sooner? Mix up your sessions a bit.
Pick locks 'upside down' (so you're pushing pins down rather than pushing up). You'd be surprised how much different it is.
For a long time I picked only with the pins up top. Then I ran into a padlock in the wild that really threw me for a loop. lol
So by the time I decided to get proficient from all angles, it was VERY difficult to break my 'preferred' picking positions.
Try picking sideways, upside down, right side up. Use your vise by all means... but also try picking padlocks in your hand.
Might just be a hobby, but it gives you adversity for when someone inevitably calls you and says, "I need your help"!

And don't forget, you can pick 5200's counter-clockwise too. LocksmithArmy shows it here if you're interested.
Different direction - different binding order. Some locks will pick easier in the other direction. Again, adversity.
" Enjoy the journey AS MUCH as the destination."