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Klom Navigator 22 Piece Pickset


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Post Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:16 am

Re: Klom Navigator 22 Piece Pickset

yeah i have the UKLP tibbie too, it's awesome fair play.

the goso set is awesome, the handles are solid plastic so they give you plenty of feedback and their really comfortable in the hand :)

i like the goso and the koms about the same, maybe the goso has that slight edge over them.




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Post Sun Jul 06, 2008 5:42 pm

Re: Klom Navigator 22 Piece Pickset

Another thing I bet some of you were wondering is why some of the automotive picks are double sided and I mean that they have 4 pick blades or 2 blades side by-side. They are to be used with a tensioner that slides between them for HS auto locks. I couldn't figure it out out first when I ordered them then I popped open my other kit and it all makes sense. The picks in the picture are part of the large Klom kit that comes with a case and a whole bunch of other stuff. The cool thing is that they even work on the clutched locks.



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Post Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:56 am

Re: Klom Navigator 22 Piece Pickset

SpaceyStacey wrote:PICK PORN!!!!

Image Keep on Pushin'


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Post Sat Aug 16, 2008 3:49 pm

Re: Klom Navigator 22 Piece Pickset

Thanks for that post, Cool Arrow! Carousing the Datang Locksmith website, aside from drooling over the many other tools, offered few clues on what some of the picks are. Not A1, A8, 15, & A3 singles and doubles, though, which are the ones in my set. Alan at UKLOCKPICKERS.CO.UK was not sure what locks they are for, either.

Do you know what special tension wrenches are needed?

I checked UKLOCKPICKERS.CO.UK which has a five piece set for pin and wafer locks (and the multilock), and one for Fords, I think.

Anybody know if you can get these tension wrenches singly anywhere? Otherwise the Navigator has 6-8 picks you can't use.

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