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Peterson tools review, peterson-international.com



Post Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:34 am

Peterson tools review, peterson-international.com

Got the set today. Good packaging, every item group in a seperate bag (Picks \ tention tools \ case \ extractors)

The picks are decent. I got mostly Rubber Handed whenever I could, but the three Slender Government Steel picks were rubber dipped, which I still find quite comfortable. The picks feel strong, and I know I could throw these around in the back of my van, or drop hammers and such on them without worrying about the handles seperating (I'm looking at YOU Southern Specialties).
I got mostly mirror copies of the Government Steel and Carbon Spring Steel. (Though I got a half snowman in the CSS)
Just so I can have a decent every-day set, and a quality set for higher grade work.

The tention tools are quality. I got the original Pry-bar, a FLAT-5 tention tools pack, and the large assortment of U-BEND-IT stock.
I like the pry-bar, it feels sturdy. I'll test it more soon.
I'm not quite sure what to think of the FLAT-5 pack, I'm sure they've all got a purpose but some seem fairly small and thin, so I'll have to find some really narrow keyways.
U-BEND-IT does exactly that. Plenty of pieces of stock to make new tention tools, and an awesome little tool to bend them with. This will definatly be going in the work van, for those "Wish i had one of those right now..." moments.

The Spiral Extractors from 13Song Tools (x4) seem effective. Instead of the prick-point on most spirals I've seen, these have a little sharp tag at the end, which I would assume cuts into the key as it's spiraled in, or to grab onto the tip once fully inserted. Good innovation.

The case I chose was the Professional Bi-fold Case. It seems to be quite well-fitted to the other peterson tools, Nothing's going to be falling out soon.

Over all I think Peterson manufacture quality tools that should last me quite a long time. I'll be interested to put this "Government Steel" to the strength test.
Those 13Song extractors are sharp, Just cut my lip on one I had in my mouth. Careful.

The only real issue I have is I can't find a decent go-to tention tool in the sets I got. I pick alot of LW4 / CB34R keyways, and currently I have a single strong double ended tool I pick up straight away. Sometimes the lock can be stiff and really needs brute force, not enough to warrent a screwdriver, but just that little bit more than a twist-flex can give. The Peterson tools I got don't seem to have anything like that (Need to test the Pry-bar more) so for problematic locks, I might have to use something else.

I'd give Peterson Tools and materials an 8.5/10


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Post Thu Oct 02, 2008 12:53 pm

Re: Peterson tools review, peterson-international.com

Good and honest review. Is there any tools or picks you would recommend over the petersons?
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Post Thu Oct 02, 2008 3:06 pm

Re: Peterson tools review, peterson-international.com

Thanks for the review!


Post Thu Oct 02, 2008 9:01 pm

Re: Peterson tools review, peterson-international.com

Snor wrote:Good and honest review. Is there any tools or picks you would recommend over the petersons?

See that's a hard one. I can use anything on-hand, so 'favorites' doesn't come into play. I've got a single HPC hook that lives on the work bench in my shop that's been there for years, it's opened so many locks.
I'd recommend them just for the usage you get out of them, the utility and long-lasting 'no-bullshit' approach. strong pick + strong handle.

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