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magician59 - Transaction issues



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Post Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:15 am

magician59 - Transaction issues

Just a FYI to anyone dealing with magician59 , I'm not sure what's going on with him.

About 6 months ago:

I was talking in the site chat about finding someone to make me a control key for a set of best locks, Magician spoke out, and offered to make the key for me. He said he would make the key free of charge, even know I offered multiple times to pay him.

I boxed up the BEST lock and my only operating key, and sent them to him so he could generate the Control Key.

After a month or so went by, i contacted him , asking what's up. He said he wasn't able to make the key yet. so I said that's ok. Just whenever you get a chance.
I contacted him every month for the last 6 months and each time he keeps telling me things like

"I will make the key this week and ship it out this weekend"

He's told me that same excuse for 3-4 months.

Here it is 6 months later after I orignally shipped the lock, and still nothing. I've offered to pay him multiple times throughout the transaction, and he denies it each time.

I haven't spoke to him in over a month now, and still nothing. (been 6 months total)

I don't know what's wrong with him or what his problem is. He has always been super nice to me and I thought he was a reputable member here.

Just a fair warning to anyone dealing with him. He may be having health issues or something like that? I'm not sure, but either way I feel screwed since it's been this long, and multiple excuses. Nothing leads me to believe he will following thru with our deal.

Thanks for reading my rant, and I hope whatever is wrong with magician59 will improve , he's always seemed like a decent guy but his actions are making me think otherwise. :???:


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Post Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:30 am

Re: magician59 - Transaction issues

Magician59 - You need to respond to this ASAP.

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