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Bad Trade Cowbite



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Post Tue Mar 23, 2010 6:48 pm

Bad Trade Cowbite

Contacted Cowbite on 7th feb to make me 4 picks as i liked some of his stuff. Agreed a price on the picks and i sent him the money by post.

Cowbite then confirmed that my picks were ready on the 10th feb but hadnt recieved the payment yet. Payment arrived with Cowbite on the 20th feb. He informed me he would post them on the monday or tuesday. He then informs me that he gave them to his wife to post and they were left in the car. Then i get informed that his daughter attempted to pick a lock with my picks and knackered two of my picks up. So he would remake picks for me. And this would take a couple of days.

I then heard nothing for about a week and a half. Then he sends me a message Thursday last, stating that he was going to get the stuff to make the picks the next day. I then get a message lastnight saying that he is waiting for a delivery of feeler guage to make my picks.

Well sorry but enough is enough in my eyes so thats why this thread is here.
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Post Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:55 pm

Re: Bad Trade Cowbite

This isn't exactly what happened but very close.
Here is the email I sent 12 days ago to Hallis about our transaction...

Tomorrow I'll be able, financially, to get the proper stuff to anodize the right way and the plan is to send him some *really* nice picks for having to wait and putting up with any B.S.
Don't mention the latter to him as he doesn't know he's going to get a bad-ass anodized pick. I want it to be a surprise.

I have talked to him and told him everything I mentioned above sans the last part about the anodized pick(s) and he was cool with it. I waited until today to post the 'want to trade' post because I know I'll be able to beat out picks after tomorrow.

I've tried to keep bouncer in the loop and my intentions were to give him over twice what he paid in picks and tools for having to wait but it seems he's grown tired of waiting.

Many of you have been following my posts regarding my questions on anodizing (and there have been many PMs on the subject to those that know about anodizing already) and is, primarily, the cause of the bulk of the delay. Once I worked out how to machine aluminum, tap it, etc, my entire pick making process changed.
Instead of epoxy which works but is kind of unreliable sometimes, screwing together the pieces and working from that base is *so* much better and procuces way WAY higher quality picks.

This is what bouncer was waiting on. I wasn't going to send him anything that I didn't stand behind.

I'm sorry for the confusion and delays.

Once I get some picks made to sell, I will gladly send the pick first (to those that I already know) before payment is made to alleviate any ideas that I might be ripping someone off.

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I've Been Banned!!
I've Been Banned!!

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Post Tue Mar 23, 2010 8:04 pm

Re: Bad Trade Cowbite

Cowbite, I have seen your work, and it is of good quality, I understand how things can happen. One time I traded with a great guy, but I grew impatient and blew things way out of proportion, I still feel bad about it to this day, I don't trade much anymore because I grow too impatient, not because somebody is slow really. Main thing that everybody has to do when trading or selling is to keep up constant communication, if you have to pm a guy everyday to set his mind at ease, it is better than getting in a post squabble. I know this from experience!! Selling and trading to me sounded really easy, it wasn't always that way! Just my opinion, I hope you guys can work things out.
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Captain Contributor / Pick Synthesis Fabrication Process Execution Specialist / Global Moderator

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Post Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:16 pm

Re: Bad Trade Cowbite

Bouncer, I'm going to send you a PM that may shed some light on the situation.
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Post Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:30 pm

Re: Bad Trade Cowbite

hi guys sorry to read this really know you can patch this up good luck to both off you wanna see you shake hands soon btw got a pm for ya best regards l p m


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Post Sun May 09, 2010 3:48 am

Re: Bad Trade Cowbite

Brief note...

This has hey to be resolved, cowbite is suspended until we receive confirmation of a refund to Bouncer985. He was previously warned by Hallis several weeks before this thread was started. I'm sure that anyone would agree that at this point far more than enough time has passed for an amicable resolution to have been had. As it has not, it's come to this.
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