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Closed Shop for sale




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Closed Shop for sale

Looking to sell several items left from my lock shop that closed, I currently don’t have any photos of anything but a short list is as follows: Silca Rekord semi auto key duplicator, Isco 045 duplicator, Mul-T-Lock key cutting Machine, Framon #2 with a couple different cutting wheels and a few space blocks, EZ Clone Plus transponder key clones with Snoop, various pinning kits (auto and standard). Various displays for Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, Wilson Bohannan etc. Computer loaded with older versions of MasterKey and Codesource. A variety of NIB locks and various hardware and key blanks. Some other various tools and items I have forgotten to mention. Would like to sell as a whole as I don’t have time with new line of employment to spend parting items out. There is enough included to start a small shop of expand a current one. Probably easily $7,000 in value would like to get $4,500 for all


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Re: Closed Shop for sale

Hello, welcome to the forum. Please fill out your location in the profile and please provide a few pictures of the items you would like to sell.

You likely won't get a lot of interest in the whole kit but I know people would be interested in parts and pieces.
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Re: Closed Shop for sale

I'm interested


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Re: Closed Shop for sale

Are you only selling this as one lot?
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