Post Thu Mar 19, 2020 2:21 am

Fire Sale

No I haven't had a fire! LOL. just trying to raise some cash. rather than list a dozen different posts on here, I took a few pics of a bunch of stuff. if anyone sees anything they are interested in, PM me, and "Let's make a deal" LOL I've got everything from a Baldwin used Entrance function lock (this sucker is heavy), to antique padlocks, to antique penny banks, a pick gun, regular padlocks, strange keyway rim cyl, a couple of vending machine T-handle locks, a Sub assembled Dom kik cylinder in the box, even a Russian changeable combination gas cap!, etc. etc. also see my post in this thread for Supra Real Estate lock boxes with the keys!!! Happy Hunting!!





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(20:10:59) Blacky: oki
(20:18:08) MBI: Me working for the CIA is about as likely as you working in the Middle East.
(20:19:01) Riyame: lol
(20:19:05) Riyame: he is in dubai
(20:19:26) MBI rescinds his previous comment