Post Thu Mar 19, 2020 12:43 am

Hanging Supra Key Boxes WITH key! X4 available

I just came into 4 hanging Supra Real Estate lock boxes, with 8 total doors All K/A with that special Supra key, and 4 keys! I can sell one box with two doors and one key for 25.00 plus 8.00 priority shipping, OR 100.00 for everything free shipping.


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(20:10:59) Blacky: oki
(20:18:08) MBI: Me working for the CIA is about as likely as you working in the Middle East.
(20:19:01) Riyame: lol
(20:19:05) Riyame: he is in dubai
(20:19:26) MBI rescinds his previous comment