Post Sun Jun 03, 2018 7:22 pm


Reluctantly, I am offering the cover padlock on my book, THE EXTREME ANTIQUE PADLOCK COLLECTOR BOOK TWO, and the padlock in chapter 2. In addition, if you are a collector of rare locksmith tools, you will be getting the key and tools I used to open the lock in chapter 2. I have invented many tumbler trapping tools. I like to believe am the first person to decode MILLER'S NEW CHAMPION padlocks too using a similar technique. The unique tools you see in the photo took hours to produce. It contains a removable brass bit plate that has been supper glued on to the key. It must be chemically removed or burned off. It is a temporary key, and it will break after so many openings. The objective of this special key was to test decoded data using L-wires. It takes hours to produce keys for these locks, and it makes no sense to cut a key without being sure of your cuts. Now you can decode one lever at a time (l-WIRE MATERIALS NOT INCLUDED) with my tumbler trapping tools. If you don't own my second book or plan to buy it, then you will not appreciate the R & D work that went into this project. I guarantee, no one has these tools. These railroad SLAYMAKER 4-LEVER padlocks are one of the finest iron clad padlocks for their time. Just try picking these locks open without chewing up the edges of the tumblers. If this damage occurs, then that is not padlock restoration, but hacking.

What you see in the pictures is what you get. Try finding a SLAYMAKER lock (LEFT photo) with original keys in such great condition. Note: the right lock has the chain clevis ring broken off.

$120.00 asking price, plus free shipping in the lower continental USA. PM me for PAYPAL INSTRUCTIONS.