Post Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:42 am

One for the Aussies! Great collection on eBay!

Gday Guys,

Thought I better let you all know about a seller I stumnbled upon on eBay AU. Hes got quite a collection of padlocks, and has put a fair few amazing specimens up for sale individually, at even better prices! S&G, Anchor Las, Mauer, Keso, Ingersoll, MTL, Chubb, Fichet, Gerda, Ruko, Zeiss-Ikon, Squire, ABUS, Pfaffenhain, EVVA and Yale are all represented! You can see his eBay page with all his locks here. I can vouch for this guy, after buying 5 or 6 locks from him, he even let me visit him at his home the next day to do my pickup so I didn't have to wait for the post. Cool guy!

Best of luck, hope somebody finds what they are looking for!