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WTB Your beginner or upgraded Pick Sets

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 5:57 pm
by PickerDon
Hi, I'm new here and to lock picking. I'm in CA, so i'm sure that limits this request to USA residents as to shipping
I'm looking for whatever ya got, for a good price. I'm sure there's lots of 'pickers' here that began somewhere and have their beginner pick set collecting dust in a drawer somewhere. Or of course some of you have simply upgraded to a better set and have that old set laying around. well, I'm here to take that old set off your hands, and save you the trouble of listing it on fleaBay. I did get a PXS14 starter set. the only specific thing I am looking for is a set of Titanium Bogota Rakes in Standard, mini or nano. so if you have a set of those you dont want, I am interested, maybe an old small pocket case you upgraded or old training locks (just locks you dont want/need any more, not necessarily the transparent type or anything.
in any case, just tell me what ya got, and I'll certainly consider taking it off your hands. I'm also getting into this hobby with my son, so I'm sure i'll need a set of picks for him to call his own.

Re: WTB Your beginner or upgraded Pick Sets

PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:23 am
by insatiableOne
I have a Southhord ST-23 (school in a box) > best trainer ever. it is a progressive lock trainer. I chopped up two of the picks, but can replace them with Sparrows or Peterson

I have a (Brand new).. Sparrows - night school. they have not been picked on! picks have not been used.

Have the vast majority of the( Lock Labs university ) suggested locks.