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Picks for sale

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:12 pm
by tpark
I have picks that I've bought in the past that I wish to sell. Here's what's available in this batch. All prices are in Canadian Dollar, (otherwise known as the Hudson Bay Peso).

Stainless steel HPC set. There are extractors as well, which no one needs until they do. $50.00 - SOLD

Assorted picks with case. Blue handled ones are 15 thou plastic Peterson, others are HPC or Southord. $25.00 -SOLD

Sparrows kit with some additonal Southord picks. $50.00 - SOLD

six picks with a nylon Sparrows case. $20.00 -SOLD

Assorted HPC tools, with some Peterson picks. comes with case (not shown, but like the one for the stainless HPC kit) $50.00 - SOLD
The blue handled tool is a 15 thou Peterson snake rake, black one is a 25 thou GSR hook.

Send me a mesage if you're interested - If you're interested in multiple items I'll combine shipping. Cheapest shipping is to Canada/US - I may ship to other places too, but be warned, it's usually not cheap.