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Re: Who can do this for me

MrWizard wrote:1930

Thanks for the kind words I was very happy to help you out. Thank you for posting the pictures of the lock back on your cabinet so I can see the finished job. Nice old industrial sturdy cabinet now you can finally lock it up. Your shop in the background looks huge would like to have one that big.


Ive spent ( and enjoyed spending ) my life working autobody/paint in other peoples shops, a few years ago I rented and opened my own shop, Im good at what I do ( like yourself ) cause its my passion.

3 years of being beat down for the lowest possible price with highest expectations from customers was enough, I closed down about 6 months ago, now I work for a big dealership in their shop.

I have a plan to retire in just a few years, build a shop/home on some land that I own and again do my thing without the overhead of renting. I work 13hrs a day and save everything within reason, I have less than 5 years to go and then I can do my thing.

Id say wish me luck but luck has little to do with it. Thanks again and I will definitely be in touch next time I come across something like this.