Post Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:54 am

Notice: Addendum to Board Rules

Effective as of 08/21/2010 the following rules apply regarding the posting of direct links:

1. Don't plagiarize.
2. Don't cut and paste unless it's a small quote and you give credit to the source.
3. DO NOT cut and paste entire articles or posts! DON'T DO IT!
4. If you find something interesting you want to share that is somewhere else, PLEASE DO SHARE; HOWEVER, ONLY POST A LINK TO THE CONTENT, either with your own description of what it's about, or possibly a very short excerpt (again making it extra clear who/what/where the source is.)
5. DO NOT link directly to images on other sites in posts without express permission from the creator unless it is under a creative commons license or other free licensing scheme, or otherwise clearly intended to be shared. DO NOT Upload images which you are not the creator or otherwise own the rights to.
6. No one may post a link on the forum seeking direct or indirect contributions for any cause, charity, or any other fund raising activity without permission from the site owner.

Addendum B:

Effective as of 04/13/2011 the following rules apply regarding Disgraced Member(s)

For the purposes of this Addendum B, a "Disgraced Member" shall be defined as follows: A person or persons that by their previous actions, have proven themselves untrustworthy and/or undeserving of any rank or privileges as is typical for other members of the forum. To attain this rank, a disgraced member must have done any one or all of the following violations - (i) purposefully lied to a Moderator, a Site Admin, or Site Owner, (ii) circumvented any security measures currently in place in order to intentionally subvert a ban that had been imposed by a Moderator, a Site Admin, or Site Owner, (iii) has purposefully set up multiple bogus accounts in order to remain on the site or forum, (iv) refuses to leave the forum after being banned, (v) or is a member of a hacking group that may launch a denial of service (DOS) attack on the forum and has the potential to maliciously inflict damage, hack, or destroy the forum.

A disgraced member is (i) ineligible to enter any contests or auctions on the forum, and (ii) is ineligible to win any prizes that may possibly be awarded as a result of surreptitiously or intentionally entering and winning any contests.