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Tutorial: How To Change Levers

How To Change Levers

The first step is to try and positively identify the lock. Below is a picture of a Chubb lock installed on an old door


To remove the lock from the door first unscrew the four screws visible in the picture. Some locks will have an additional decorative plate, and some will be covered in old paint. The lock can be a very tight fit and so care must be taken not to damage the door or the lock.

Now lay the lock on its side and remove the three screws



Carefully remove the side plate... some of the components are loose inside


The levers can now be removed by gently pulling them straight up


Now take your lever kit and note that the levers are usually placed on the ring in the correct order.


remove them from the ring in the same order

Now place them one by one back into the lock - note the correct position of the spring

replace the side plate and test the lock - if it doesn't work then the order of the levers is wrong and it may take some trial and error to get it right.


And that's all there is to it.

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