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levering back the bolt on a fire door (Push Bar)



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Post Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:33 pm

levering back the bolt on a fire door (Push Bar)

When I was a rotten little kid in High School many many years ago, my partner in crime and I needed access to the local high school so we could use the lab on the weekends (small towns on a weekend for hyper active scientist minded children required unfortunate larcency to keep us from worse pursuits. We never did damage, but did enjoy the microscopes etc.) The source of entry was an end door that had a push bar with a bolt that was exposed from the outside. The trick was to insert a sharp pointed knife jammed into the bolt and lever it back a half inch or so, thereafter pulling on the door to hold the bolt in place. Then re-inserting the knife and stabbing the bolt again and levering it back gained another few milimeters and again holding the door tight to lock the bolt in place. Finally after a time or three, the bolt would be far enough withdrawn that the final dig and lever back would clear the strike and the door would open. Not proud of it today' but no one ever figured out how such a heavy door was opened.



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Re: levering back the bolt on a fire door (Push Bar)

I suppose that nowadays, kids with the internet advantage use z wires from bike spokes to eliminate the incremental push back just put the wire in against the bolt and rotate the crank handle to push the bolt all the way in.


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Re: levering back the bolt on a fire door (Push Bar)

That's why they make latch guards and astragals.
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