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Does anyone have Tryout Key codes for SmartKey locks



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Post Sat Jul 16, 2022 8:10 am

Re: Does anyone have Tryout Key codes for SmartKey locks

It's been fine this week but next week there are serious heat wave warnings with the highest temperatures the UK has ever had, we shall see.


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Post Sat Jul 16, 2022 12:18 pm

Re: Does anyone have Tryout Key codes for SmartKey locks

Good news for alot of people that are not use to the heat .. followed by bad news as it's going to get hotter
Weather as been strange for a good few years ..
Hope you've got a nice big workshop in this new place visitor as moving is damn stressful
Downsized a few years back and got a holiday home with a nice workshop .. priorities first lol

Anyone know what they did to fix the problem on the kwikset smart lock regarding the vulnerability in the 1st gen.
Or steps taken by the company to counter this in new generations of lock
Vulnerability Was a tool on a 3 cut position was inserted then force was applied... bingo lock turned to open
A note regarding the inventor of decoding tool .. will have to check this group out Or anyone here in FOOLS group already.

Poor tolerances allow a set of 243 keys to open any SmartKey lock.
A decoding tool was developed by Shane Lawson (Valanx) of the locksport group FOOLS.
Various low-skill, quick bypass, and destructive entry techniques can be used against the SmartKey

Having found the vid of Shane Lawson and decode tool ..it was a very basic tool costing in is own words
Nothing to produce

Tool for decoding was a standard needle or wire with a flexible small flag shaped piece of foil or in this case a security
label which was used removed or taken off a DVD case , then super glued on the tip ..making a decoder or reading tool
to use in side the kwikset smart lock
Method being ...when passed along side the special pins that have 6 possible change groves it was possible to read or
Determine these grove differences in anyone pin , a Simply idea which he him self thought was crazy easy .
To drop on the special pin a blank was used ..with a oblong hole cut in it that the reader tool would sit in
Then it would be a case of turning the pin or flag reader tool

To read pin ...five keys needed for this and is important for positioning the reader tool in lock ..much harder to line up on a
Five pin lock useing just one key ..assuming You've only got one key for inserting ..the reader tool

My thoughts is you could make a longer oblong cut out on one blank ..which would be a improvement as long as the reader
tool had 5 Positions marked off on a handle which could clearly be seen on outside of lock to position reader correctly on those pins ..like the key in a scope decoder . .... As long as all 5 pins are overlifted so a reading can be performed .
Practise would be key if useing the Lawson method . Who said
Decoding is similar to running a playing card across a bike spoke ....and counting those groves in the pin :geek: :serrated:

Of course other tools have been produced to read those pins by eye ...other than by feeling or reading the special wafer pin.
but a first real attack decode method .. on the flawed smart lock design back then a decade ago .

Picking the smart lock .. Gen 1 and 2 raking or scrubbing the pins was found to be the most popular method to get a open.
compared to Gen 3 or latest model , Lock pickers faced new Problems ....on how to tension the lock off sidebar.

Many improvements with later generations of the lock have been made by kwikset ..picking the newest smart locks is very
Difficult and usually involves a small shim used on the sidebar so the pins bind when picked or overlifted into position.
So for the first time a decoder was and is truly needed ...


The vids on forum if searching ..so will link if I can find it. ! Here it is .https://vimeo.com/4151972

And a reset tool if a new key is required , when all keys are lost for rekeying kwikset smart locks ...helpfull vids
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qEtR9SECo9M home brew tool for re keying
https://youtu.be/uNUXvI3CdOQ rekeying tool vid
https://youtu.be/BIkHt8hYLMo. for a rekey stripdown

Thanks to Mr P for this... topic

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Post Tue Jul 19, 2022 7:35 am

Re: Does anyone have Tryout Key codes for SmartKey locks

No reply to my email so presume they no longer trade or at least should be avoided as you'll get no contact from them in case of any issues.

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