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Slider Percussion Keys




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Post Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:14 pm

Slider Percussion Keys

Are the slider percussion keys something new and has anyone played with them.

I guess I am hopping that someone can tell how they are made and used vs conventional bump keys?


From 2011 Catalog
Slider Percussion Keys (SPK)
In addition to our “conventional“ bump
keys we are now offering our newly
developed “Slider Percussion Keys“.
These special bump keys have been
developed, because the producers of
cylinders are now using variations in
the construction of even their standard
cylinders. While the key profile
and the distances between the pins
remain the same, there now exist
variations in the distance from the
“face” of the cylinder to the first pin,
the strengths of the used springs, pin
shapes and other measurements and
characteristics. When developing our
conventional bump keys we had to
consider all these differences and create
keys that would allow the successful
manipulation of the widest range of
cylinders possible. - This resulted in
keys that can be used successfully
on most cylinders but will make the
opening of some cylinders of a certain
type more difficult than necessary. For
experienced users this did not present
a problem. As not every user is willing
and able to invest a great amount of
training, though, we simplified the
handling of bump keys by creating a
new technique. The bump keys from
our “Slider Percussion” series are perfect
complements to our existing line
of traditional bump keys. A slight variation
of the new opening technique
used for our “Slider Percussion Keys“
allows even the manipulation of cylinders
that were almost impossible to
open with the bumping technique until
now, especially some dimple pin cylinders.
Our especially prepared and cut
Slider Percussion Keys can be used
in two ways – with either spring or
rubber buffers. The buffer cushioning
allows fine tuning the keys to the cylinder
in question and basically slows
the bump key down so that it may develop
its ultimate effectiveness on the
pins at the critical and optimal position
inside the keyway; for this reason we
called them “Slider” Percussion Keys.
Using conventional bump keys it is often
necessary to use varying bumping
and rotation techniques to successfully
open a cylinder, something that requires
a great amount of training. With
our new Slider Percussion Keys it is
only necessary to vary the strength of
the bumps/strikes and the amount of
cushioning. Generally this technique
also requires less forceful strikes. In
practice the Slider Percussion Keys
are used in the following way: After
choosing the correct key for the lock
Multipick-Service 266
in question, place either spring or rubber
buffers of different strengths at the
back, touching the key handle. Using
our Flex-Hammer I (Art.-No 36036),
now start bumping, applying first
light and then increasingly stronger
blows. Varying the cushion strengths
and the strength of blows the cylinder
will eventually open almost
For beginners starting to practice this
technique we recommend our Tension-
Wire (Art.-No 33921). This set
opens standard profile cylinders of the
following producers:
and other no-name products
(with the same keyways)


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Post Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:26 pm

Re: Slider Percussion Keys

phew...theyre not cheap...and never heard of them before or the technique needed



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Post Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:06 am

Re: Slider Percussion Keys

UK Bump keys has been selling dampeners and return springs for a while

http://www.ukbumpkeys.com/subcat_Bumpin ... _index.php


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Post Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:09 pm

Re: Slider Percussion Keys

I'm pretty sure they are used similar to regular bump keys, though without having to hit the key, pull it out, hit the key, pull it out, etc.
Those you just keep applying variable tension and whack away at the key since those bushings and springs will automatically pop it back out.
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Post Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:26 pm

Re: Slider Percussion Keys

Sounds like they're just renaming bump keys, so they can sell on Ebay.
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Post Sat May 04, 2013 1:15 pm

Re: Slider Percussion Keys

From what I read on the site (most of which is in your quote) the keys are a little different from regular bump keys. They indicate that some lock makers are varying the distances of the pins from the front of the cylinder. Thus a regular bump key will not contact the pins at the right point to force the pins upward. By making their keys able to allow for this, I assume by varying the spacing on the keys so the key can go deeper, they work on any spacing in the cylinder. Of course they add the springs and washers, but not just for the normal reason - these washers allow you to adjust the modified bump key so it can accommodate any variation in the cylinder/pin spacing.

I have not tried them, but it sounds like a good idea. Of course, like everything on their site, the keys are expensive. Even their normal bump keys are $10.

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