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Welcome to the Close Shave



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Post Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:23 am

Welcome to the Close Shave

Do you dread the daily shave? Are you getting more ingrown hairs than a teenager? Does your face feel like it could melt a block of ice? Or perhaps you already get a great shave and just want a place to tell everybody about that new 11 bladed razor you just got. :lol:

Then this is the place for you :hbg:

There are quite a few "wet shavers" on the forum that use old style double edge safety razors, single edge safety razors or even straight edge razors :shock: Using a puck of shave soap and a brush to get lather instead of the canned goop can actually be quite relaxing.

How ever you do it come and pull up a stump and have a chat.
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Post Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:15 am

Re: Welcome to the Close Shave

Most days, I use a Norelco electric. When I want a really close shave, I get some hot water for a towel to soften ye olde beard hair, and use soap in a coffee cup with a brush and break out the straight razor. Unfortunately, that really smooooth shave only lasts for about three or four hours before the stubble appears. The lift and cut action keeps me clean shaven for most of the day. But, as you say Riy, it is really relaxing to do it 'old school'.

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Post Tue Dec 30, 2014 7:29 pm

Re: Welcome to the Close Shave

Unfortunately but you all will probably say fortunately but my face only grows a stash that I wouldnt call full and a little goat chin thing. I shave once a week and after a shave with my Gillette pro glide power with the new swivel side to side head, my face stays baby butt smooth for 2-3 days. I reason I say unfortunately is because I would love to have nice facial hair and have the power to decided do I want a go-tee or a full bread or a shadow etc.

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