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Factory lubed with WD-40


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Post Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:49 am

Re: Factory lubed with WD-40

I second sideshowmicks recommendation. Inox-mx3. Available in aerosol cans, Like wd40 but Designed as a lubricant from the ground up. And for large commercial operations. I think the largest size available is 200ltr drums.


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Post Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:42 pm

Re: Factory lubed with WD-40

Mmm. I wish I could be more of a help. I worked in a similar facility to commando lock, even in the same area, yet there really does not seem to be a perfect option I am aware of.

piotr wrote:Thinking about the matter more broadly I suppose the ideal lock lubricant would meet the following criteria:
-- drying and non-adhesive so as to not leave mess or gather grit via adhesion
-- will not congeal or freeze in low temperatures
-- will not run in high temperatures
-- will not wash off with water
-- appropriate viscosity for small, moving parts of lock
-- inhibits corrosion

In which case the silicone or white lithium based lubricants would be suitable, but the specific formulation would be of a viscosity that is suitable for small moving parts, namely pins and spings.

I have nothing to offer in terms of methods of industrial scale application of a lubricant and in any event the economic and ergonomic conbsiderations are just as important as the chemical (eg. cost of labour, cost of lubricant, wastage, OH&S) and would need to be balanced by the production manager.

This is what I have thought of. I have used a rapidly drying silicon lubricant in spray form on many things where other lubricants will not do. It makes things feel slick and water resistant without any perceptible residue or particulate gathering tendencies. The problem with it in a factory setting is that you really want something that is stable in bulk. A dip or light spritzing rather than compressed spray. I'm sure anyone that has worked at a facility with stamping capabilities has likely seen how messy, and costly, sprayed lubricant can get.

I am not familiar with Inox-mx3. It could or could not be the solution. It depends on what options are available for application and if it collects debris like wd-40 can. One of my concerns are lubricants that keep dust and dirt inside locks to grind away and cause binding problems.


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Post Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:47 pm

Re: Factory lubed with WD-40

With members experience on lubricants maybe someone can advise me on how to clean out a lock, its D lock that I have oiled every year for about 15 years, having joined this forum and with this discussion I realise it wasnt the best thing to do. I cannot dismantle the lock without destroying it so what would be the best way to clean the inners before I consider re lubrication.
The lock works ok but getting a bit sticky.


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Post Thu Mar 13, 2014 11:10 pm

Re: Factory lubed with WD-40

Any heavy duty degreaser would work.
I use Zero-Tri. It cleans like crazy, dries fast, and leaves no residue.
It smell ok, some say like banana or candy. I find it smells kind of like Popeye cigarettes.



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Post Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:52 am

Re: Factory lubed with WD-40

I have been using MotorKote. Originally developed for engines, but it works great. Does not leave a lot of mess, doesn't stink. It claims to bond with metal at a microscopic level. I like it.
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