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Old key trying to pin down




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Old key trying to pin down

Hey all,
No that title isn't meant to be a pun, only realized after I named it that it had a pun. Anyway I hope this is ok place to post this topic, you see I need help figuring out what kind of key I have in my collection that is at the moment one I have misplaced here at home and may be a bit before I find it so thought I'd do my best to describe it see if anyone has seen one in the same style, as it stands this key was one that helped me grow beyond my love of Classic skeleton keys and learn more about pin and tumbler types.

Anyway the key as I recall was to my eyes a mix of Skeleton, flat and pin and tumbler though it was a pin and tumbler type key. The form was art deco I'd like to say, it had a neat form factor but was also functional. The striking thing about it was the Tip curved back and gave that Skeleton key vibe and the warding was less angular far more round or curved compared to say a warding profile like the kind found on most modern car keys bit like this :BESTg: than :BESTtb: that cross section wise and I don't know if I'm remembering right but the Bow was a turquoise green and the shoulders were rounded when seen from the side.

Anyone ever see a key like that? If you have one that sounds like it could ya show me some photos (only if said key isn't one you use still of course) I want to find the lineage of this key so I can collect more. Thanks for the time hope all are well.


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Re: Old key trying to pin down

Very difficult from your incorrect terminology I'm afraid. Draw it out on a piece of paper and post that up for more help.

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