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Amazon kindle The burglars blue print and a lot more

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Post Thu May 20, 2021 12:57 am

Amazon kindle The burglars blue print and a lot more

This is an amazon kindle book. $3.00 USA Free for kindle unlimited in Canada.


He tells how the crooks get in. He also gives ideas how to stop this.
This locksmith gives a very extensive explaination of picking and bypassing many locks. He has used these tools and techniques himself for lockouts.
I improved my locsports skill with some of his help.

Hey the crooks know this and he thinks every one should know this to.

He gives this information for the price of a cup of coffee. He does plug his paid advice and services as well in this book. Its an interesting free sample of what he offers.

Note there are many locpicking/locksmithing books for free with a kindle unlimited membership. I also found safe opening techniques for free or at an afford able price


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Post Thu May 27, 2021 6:06 pm

Re: Amazon kindle The burglars blue print and a lot more

I got the book, but I have to say I'm not impressed... A lot of bold claims, only a little bit of real information, but advertising his website and trainings everywhere... In a nutshell it is just an advertisment, but you have to pay for it...

Just my 2 cents...
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Post Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:53 pm

Re: Amazon kindle The burglars blue print and a lot more

NOTE: This book was not intended to teach lockpicking but some simple locksmithing. Within the fluff there is some info that could be helpfull beginer pickers.
The author is giving away information for free but advertising his services and products to make money. In Canada the book is free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited

For context I download every free lockpicking book on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Some book were ok, some were excellent and some were terrible.
Please remember we are dealing with Books written to be sold but are made legally available for free due to Amazon's marketing model.

I believe that unfortunately a lot of good books for beginners get trashed by more experienced pickers who don't find appropriate to their advanced skill set.

Well I decided to test out the book . Did it have any value to total beginner who wanted to pick locks? Not experienced pickers.

At a recent church BBQ I showed how Lockpicking could be a fun hobby by picking very easy locks. Always recruiting for new members of the locksport community.

I gave 5 total newbies a copy of the book, (I printed out sections on lock picking) some basic locks and a good set of picks for beginners.

Less than a hours later 4 newbies could pick some of the locks. The guy who could not get it, after I helped him he could open a lock
but found it too fustrating to play with it.

I also gave them a bump hammer a set of bump keys and ten test locks. They all bumped at least 3.

The second part of the experiment consisted of another 5 test newbies at a neighbours BBQ. Would the lack of the test book hinder their success.
I demonstrated just once one way to pick a lock.

The newbies did not get to see the book. They got the same locks and tools as the first group.
Only 2 picked the locks and the others gave up in frustration.

Rightly or wrongly I believe the book help make it easier for the newbies to learn to pick locks. Of course
10 people is a very small sample but it gave me an idea if that book might be helpfull.

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