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Acme Model D Manual

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2022 12:27 pm
by Old-Guy
Earlier I asked if anyone knew of a manual for my Model D and about a new cutting wheel. It was suggested that I try GilRay Tools for having the cutter sharpened. I contacted GilRay and now have a very sharp Diston cutting wheel and for a reasonable cost of only $30 dollars.

I have not heard from or about anyone with a Model D Manual, because my machine was made in the 1950's I guess that most manuals are gone. I contacted Tom at Antique Key Machine Museum of America, Inc. and he has not been very helpful regarding a manual. He has told me he has several machines in his collection but didn't say anything about a manual. He has mentioned each time I contact him that the cutter is a "rotary file" and to use a slow speed. I asked what speed but no reply.

The machine came with a large heavy motor and I would assume it came from an appliance of some sort, way more power than needed. I looked for an appropriate motor and finally found the Foley-Belsaw sells one for their key cutter and I have purchased and mounted one. I calculated the speed using a formula I found on line, supposedly it is rotating at 833.3 RPM but my photo tach say twice that. It cut well and without any data, I guess I've got a good speed.

I have six code discs for cutting using codes and as most of what I have been interested in are residential locks and padlocks and I have Schlage, Kwikset and master, I set with ability of cutting from codes only.

Does anyone have any suggestions on finding a manual.

Re: Acme Model D Manual

PostPosted: Sun Jul 24, 2022 6:11 pm
by just1pick+open
Yes, Gilray is the best. I have struck out trying to fine the manual your looking for. I will let you know if one comes up but I think it's the old needle in the haystack.