Post Sat Jun 13, 2020 7:22 pm

ITL-950 update disk

Apparently you could update the itl950 with a 3.5" floppy disk.
It would give you new features like laser cut mode, and more tables.
Back in 1999, they were doing version 1.11 and book version 9, but didn't have laser mode.

Of cousre itl no longer has updates for that machine or won't send it to you if your machine is on the "it's too old (anything off warranty)" list.

I know I have seen update disks around the shop for old software for locksmiths from that era. But not newer than 1.11

Makes me wonder if someone has an update disk newer that v1.11 for the 950, just kicking around... ?? :drool:

Are there any places that itl machines are group supported and discussed???
I know it had an eeprom 29EE010 and a 68HC11 (or F11?) but not sure if buying old chips from a dead unit would update a machine?
Old EPROM tech, probably had the chip code protected from being read.

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