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Alternative Homebrew Bilock Key & Cutting




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Alternative Homebrew Bilock Key & Cutting

Hi there,

I have been recently interested in the Bilock system and, wonder if it we're possible to beat there "High security" with the means of home-brewing a key made out of a credit card or, of a similar item as well possibly cutting bilock keys by a simple car key cutter which can be purchased of Aliexpress & Alibaba. Below is the link for the key cutter.

https://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/201 ... 0381.html#

Kind Regards


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Re: Alternative Homebrew Bilock Key & Cutting

Interesting thought, but.....the cutter you are looking at is a punch. There is no depth index on it, which means if there are any tolerances at all with the BiLock (I really have NO experience with them) you will play hell to keep close to factory depths. I also don't know the angle of the BiLock cuts or the Lischi Punch, so it may be impossible to keep from some MACS violations. The BiLoc always looked to me to be a fairly steep cut. I like the "out of the box thinking" tho!
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