Post Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:11 pm

Help with Cole Automatic

Currently taking apart my latest auction buy, a Cole 3KCC automatic. Everything is going well except for removing the trigger collar from the carriage shaft. I've removed what roller pins were there (2). A threaded hole for a set screw is visible but there was no set screw. One of the roller pins goes into a hole in the collar and one pin into a hole in the carriage shaft. I've done countless rebuilds of these automatics but this one doesn't seem correct. I've taken off all set screws and roller pins connected to the collar and carriage but I cannot get the collar to slide off the shaft. I soaked it with PB but it won't budge. Could someone send me a PM with a clear pic of the trigger handle and trigger collar. And the # of pins and set screws in those parts on your working machine. Or for that matter, a schematic of a Cole 3400, Cole 3KCC, or a Cole 4KCC.
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