Post Fri Nov 13, 2015 2:31 am

Updating ITL-950 for laser mode, help !!

I have looked around and have not found this info, so here we go...

I have an ITL-950.
V1.11 checksum is CA25. ** Does not have laser mode. **
Uses eeprom 29EE010 for tables and program I believe.
It is a socketed DIP package, possible 40-pins, and nothing special to read with an eprom programmer.

I am looking for an update disk, which I have seen and had once apon a time.
Or, I am looking for a binary of the flash chip, if that works.
It's not about the flawed crappy tables, I want to get laser mode working on my machine.
ASAP actually.

ITL refuses to help, having delibrately shredded all old material and support info for this and every other old machine.
Bastards !!

*** OR, if anyone knows of a site that plays friendly with these, please let me know one way or anonther (PM's OK). ***

If anyone has such a machine, perhaps letting me know what firmare version [-] [9] [MFG] I am looking for would be very helpful too.

Please help.