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DIYDATA.COM Copyrighted Material


Do not post links or any other text, photos, or other material gleaned from DIYDATA.COM, effective immediately!

An old topic posted by a former member has caused the owner of DIYDATA.COM to contact me directly requiring that the copyrighted post be removed ASAP, or risk further (legal) action.

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Subject: Use of material on without permission.

> I note that the posting on your website page
> viewtopic.php?f=28&t=27
> uses our copyright text and graphics from
> ... cement.php
without authority, although acknowledged.
> Our policy is not to authorise any of our copyright material to
appear on any other website, and we take a very serious view of any
unauthorised use - we therefore must instruct you to remove our material
immediately (this includes anything we have not identified), failure to
do so will cause us to take further steps to have it removed from the web.
> Regards.
> Antony Barton
> t: 01983 521183
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