Post Tue Dec 08, 2020 8:10 pm

Framon and code books

Just got back from an auction house that has on-line only auctions. Went there to find out when I can bring some items for the 2021 auction season. While there I inspected what was there for the December auctions. I discovered a Framon D-300, a Curtis 15 clipper and some code books. Also a couple VATS transponders. While thumbing through the binder of code books, I found a police evidence tag dated 2-22-06. It stated the books were stolen and even named the suspect. I googled the name and sure enough, he has a trail of alcohol and burglary convictions. Saw other items relating to a car dealership so I suspect those items are from that dealership but the code books were the only items stolen and then returned by authorities.
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