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Key sticks in new lock




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Post Mon Feb 18, 2013 5:01 pm

Re: Key sticks in new lock

You asked how I got the key to work.

From the top then:

The key inserts easily and removes easily. The physical turn of the key is a bit harder due to stiff new springs in the latch-- that's my guess.

Inserting the key will move the barrel a bit. At first I used my opposite hand to play with the latch/knob to coax the key into place. That seemed to work, but it might have been just an extra movement of no consequence.

To open I insert then draw the key back just a bit. Depending on if I do it just right, I may have to jiggle. Last time I did it, it turned the first time with no wiggling to set the key to turn the tumblers. (I do not know all the terms for parts correctly.)

Through all this the barrel still seems loose. They likely got the cheapest replacement gear they could find-- like the keys.


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Re: Key sticks in new lock

rai wrote:One other thing, have you tried lifting the whole key blade upward before trying to rotate the plug,

tricky keys are not necessarily a bad thing if you know the trick, it can prevent someone who steals a key from being able to use it.

Aint that the truth! I know a few locks that need a trick to open them and I've often thought of someone having stolen them only to be flummoxed when it comes to what they thought would be the simple part! :mrgreen:

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