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Looking for input on what pick sets to avoid.



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Post Sat Jul 10, 2021 10:16 pm

Looking for input on what pick sets to avoid.

I consider my self a newbie becuase my interests are so specific and I know little out side those interests.

I already own most of the common picksets.

I am looking to compare what I like most with what I don't already have.

Are any of these picksets considered to be total junk ... avoid at all cost


I love picking locks but with Parkinson's and arthritis I am picking less and less.
I like seeing tools I don't have and I have the budget to explore.
I also buy a lot of books and have a large library . Relatives who were Locksmiths and/or hobby pickers have given me a lot of stuff.

In " Lockpicking equipment for beginners" (copyright 2021) Charles Rusnak recommends what he claims as the best lосk piсk sеtѕ:

I am interested in any comments about these sets

1. Lokko Cоmрlеtе Lосk Pick Sеt with Guide
2. Dangerfield Prаxіѕ Duаl-Gаugе Lосk Pісk Sеt
3. Dangerfield Sеrеnіtу Starter Sеt
4. Sоuthоrd PXS-14 Beginners Set
5. Gоѕо Starter Pіесе Lосk Pісk Sеt
6. Multipick Elіtе 37 Prоfеѕѕіоnаl Lосk Pick Sеt
7. Sоuthоrd 22 Pіесе Lосk Pісk Set
8. Pеtеrѕоn Just Pісkѕ Stainless Stееl Sеt
9. Multірісk Pосkеt Blасklіnе Edіtіоn JасkKnіfе Sеt
10. Sparrows Vоrаx Lock Pісk Sеt



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Post Sun Jul 11, 2021 12:03 am

Re: Looking for input on what pick sets to avoid.

I have bought some of these kits in the past, so I will comment on ones I've purchased.
Southord PXS-14 set - actually works pretty good, but the picks are quite thick, so they probably aren't so good for Euro locks. I quite like Southord picks, and I have several sets from them.

Peterson "Just Picks" stainless steel set. These are good tools, I don't think one has to buy the rubber handled "government steel" tools, but the government steel ones are stiffer and not as bendy.

Sparrows vorax kit. I don't think they're as stiff as other brands, but I've opened many locks with them.

I have Multipick and the Southord plastic handled "max" kits, and those are both good, but I don't have the specific other kits you mention.


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Post Sun Jul 11, 2021 3:37 pm

Re: Looking for input on what pick sets to avoid.

I'm in the UK and use southord daily, great picks.
Avoid sparrows imho had nothing but crap off them and you'll also get stung on import duties,
Avoid anything from Chris dangerfield, often repackaged cheap Chinese picks other stuff is ripped off so don't support him,
Got some goso stuff, not too bad and reasonable for the money,
Peterson make good stuff,
Avoid jacknifes they are a gimmick,
Multipick stuff is normally good,
I haven't had any lokko stuff nor do I recollect seeing it.

You can however have the best pick in the world and open nothing whereas someone else with the worst can open everything, it's not the tool that makes a good picker it's the person, a great picker will adapt and make any tool work.
As the saying goes, a bad workman will always blame his tools.
If you have pick sets already practice with what you have and replace broken picks with individual ones, I have single picks from hpc and lockmasters as well as some rare wendt ones but day to day I use southord as my go to set which I bought nearly 20 years ago when I first started.

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