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how to pick this




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how to pick this

So I have this 71/40 Brady Lock. The keyway is smaller than all the youtube videos I've seen so I'm having problems getting a pick in there that doesn't overset that one pin (see bitting). The pick does not fit from the bottom, so I'm working off the warding. Any tips to get this thing open. My smallest picks are 0.015. I've tried front to back, back to front finding the binders. I can get a false set but the remaining pins are either springy or solid, which I guess indicates an overset. Thanks
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Re: how to pick this

maybe you could try SSDev hooks from Sparrows; they are available in 0.015 and helped me to get through some nasty stuff...

As for the overset - if it indeed is an overset, try gradually releasing the tension - you might get the overset pin to jump up (to shearline, if you are lucky).
Also note that the set pins quite often feel a bit springy too, then the amount of the "give" should indicate if it is set or not.
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