Post Mon May 15, 2017 6:00 pm

Ancient French locks collection

** I'm cross-posting here so it's not lost in the classifieds, as the images will stay online in my album even if it's eventually sold **

Hi guys,

An old collector is currently selling his entire collection in France, but he's of course computer-illiterate. For your viewing pleasure I asked if we could get some pictures, and I uploaded them in an album.

I'm not the person in charge of the sale nor do I have any vested interest in it. I'm just helping because I respect the amount of work that was put into it: it was collected over a period of 50 years and the guy restored it all himself, a real passionate person! There are over 600 pieces and not everything is shown here. It covers the period XIII to XIX century.

It can be sold as a whole or split in lots. If you know any person or institution, like a museum for instance, that could be interested, please contact me by MP and I'll give you the contact of the seller. Don't ask me any other detail because I just don't know, as I said I'm just the messenger here.

All pictures are copyright (c) J.F. Thébaud and used with express content only for illustration and archival purposes, as well as facilitating this sale. For any other kind of use you need to seek permission with the author. I had to resize the pictures to make the whole thing manageable, but I can send you the originals upon request.

Here's the album >>

Here's a short video (in French)