Post Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:13 am

KP Bazaar! Now Open!

KP Bazaar

I have received numerous inquiries from forum members wishing to donate special items such as tools, locks, etc., with the stated goal of selling these items and the proceeds donated to to help offset the monthly operating and server maintenance costs.

Consequently, I have created this special sub-forum for this purpose.


1) If you wish to list an item for donation purposes in this sub-forum, please contact HC directly via PM – and specify whether you want to offer it for AUCTION or FIXED PRICE. I will draft the text listing the item, cost, etc., and post it on the forum.

2) SELLERS wishing to be reimbursed for postage should advise me directly so I can make proper arrangements. Otherwise, it will be assumed that the SELLER is also donating the postage and shipping costs of the item(s) sold or auctioned.

3) If SELLER prefers to donate item(s) to Keypicking outright- and thus forgo the shipping arrangements to the BUYER – contact me for approval before doing so.

4) A BUYER interested in purchasing an item for the FIXED PRICE should contact HC directly and I will notify the SELLER with BUYER(S) mailing and shipping info, etc.

5) All bids will be openly posted in the thread listing the item, with a minimum bidding price listed.

6) Donations must be submitted via PayPal link on the main portal page.