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New shackle on old Yale PKPT padlock



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Post Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:34 pm

New shackle on old Yale PKPT padlock

I also posted this on another forum .

I picked up this old Yale PKPT padlock recently and was surprised by what I found.
It looks like a new taller shackle was made and attached to the lock.
The new shackle is made from steel and there is a small gap where it is attached to the old shackle assembly. (see photo with a shim placed in the gap) There are what appear to be file marks on this new shackle.
I don’t know how the new shackle is attached. I hesitate to try to remove the new shackle as I am afraid that it may cause permanent damage.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or why anyone would go to the trouble of doing this?

I have attached photos to try to show this.
Note: The collet that houses the shackle on the other side has been loosened
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Post Fri Feb 03, 2017 12:58 am

Re: New shackle on old Yale PKPT padlock

Why they did this, I have no idea. However, on some of my PKPT padlocks the shackle is threaded into the lock cylinder and held in position by the square key that locates the cylinder in the lock housing. You can see the square key end just below the brass collar of the cylinder. You can grip it with a vice grip and pull it out, allowing the two pieces to unscrew from each other. Was you lock open when you got it or did you pick/shim it open ? If it was open, is there spring tension trying to pull the shackle down ? The cap under the open end of the shackle, if unscrewed will loosen the tension on the spring which pulls the shackle down. Hope this helps, Mark
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