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Bicentric Abloy-esque padlock



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Post Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:51 pm

Bicentric Abloy-esque padlock

This lock has been seen before on here in one of Locksport South's threads, but the thread kinda petered out. I bought this one from a guy clearing his dad's estate on eBay so no idea of the backstory.

It's huge but not particularly solid; the body is some soft-ish, light-ish alloy.

Each side of the shackle is secured by a differently bitted Abloy Classic-type core but I have to say the tolerances are crude and sloppy; it doesn't feel like a bona fide Abloy.

Someone on the other thread said it looks Eastern Bloc and I've gotta say I agree with that - a lot of Russki locks are massive but not particularly well made, and it definitely has that feel about it.

The only distinguishing marks are "1" and "2" stamped on the keys to match with the appropriate keyways, and what might be "43" on the top. Again, it's been suggested that these might be cyrillic letters as opposed to english numerals and I guess there could be some truth in this, although I have no experience either way.

So: Cool lock, but can anyone throw any definitive light on it?
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Post Wed Jul 05, 2017 9:19 pm

Re: Bicentric Abloy-esque padlock

I have (and have picked) this lock! You need 2 picks. Also, the tolerances ARE sloppy and it is easy to pick BUT unlike most Abloy Classic's they put a few fixed discs in there. You can see where they are (without picking it) by comparing the two keys; the fixed discs will be where there are common 5 cuts (maximum material removed).

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