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GAP Antenna help

I was given what I believe to be a 30' GAP Antenna for the simple effort of taking it down. Now it's seen better days but it's intact and straight. The fellow said it may need a capacitor in the tip? And the cabling was cut off short (buried in the ground and we were in a rush). I believe it's rg59 so probably 75 ohm can I rewire it with RG6 @ 50 ohms. and what type of Capacitor will I need or better yet a schematic/wiring diagram of the antenna circuit (did a quick search online but didn't find anything). Also will I need to attenuate it and what sort of equipment will I need if so?

Sorry for the novel but I figured I'd try to cover this in one post.

OK! So after several hours of fruitless inter-webbing and finally an e-mail to the former owner he thinks it's optimised for 12 meters and used rg58 transmission cable with either a red capacitor @2300 picofarads or a blue capacitor @ 1900 picofarads he hasn't used it in so long (over 9 years) he forgot the actual setup.

Guess my next question is can I splice the rg58 without affecting SWR and should I invest in a tuner. I've decided to put it on the roof of the house to get maximum gain (approx 55'-60't o the tip)and setup any base unit in the spare attic room limiting my run to <25'.

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