Post Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:28 pm REVIEW

So I'm not big on reviewing actual sites or endorseing one site over the other, but I feel people should know other peoples experience with certain places so I'll explain mine and let you judge for your self.

I was deployed to Iraq when I ordered a certain radio from HRO and it sat in a box untill I came home, the wife opened the initial box and put everthing I ordered in the box with the radio. What I ordered was the radio, the data cable and a AA battery adapter. I came home months later opened the box and noticed right away that the adapter was missing, I thought nothing of it and told the wife to keep an eye out for it it probably got set aside on accident. This radio was inteded to be hers, but she never took the test so as I have been doing a lot of learning on Ham lately I pulled it out last week and again said we need to find the adapter, after several looks and conversations it was decided the adapter never made it. I emailed HRO explaining what had happned as I did here and told them we may have gotten the adapter but could they check there shipping records, and sent a copy of my invoice showing the adapter radio and cable on it. After further investigation on ther site I saw a hand mic that was 17 bucks and thought why would they sell this as it comes with the radio, then I realized what had happened, I had mistakenly been sent a 17 dollar hand mic as opposed to a 13 dollar battery adapter. I figured I would email them about what happened once I got a response and just buy another adapter. I emailed them yesterday and have not got a response, but what I do have is a UPS tracking code for an item that was sent out this morning. I am assuming they read my email either realized they had made an error or did not care if they did or not and only wanted to make me happy. To me that is what great customer service is all about. I was reccomended this site by several Hams who have been doing this for years and they have one 50 miles from me and I see why now, but you can make your own determination. The original order was dated April 2011. so 6 months later I realize the mistake and they correct it.

What you call intelligence, I call common sense.