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Anyone ever heard of it? Anyone looking at purchasing an older one, brand new just the antenna it self for very cheap? http://www.buddipole.com/buddipole.html It's older and does not have the VersaTee, it has one like it but only black and red, no blue top one. Basically what you see in the picture with a differnet versatee. No tripod at all just the basic antenna. It's never been used and I'm not looking to make a whole lot off of it from somone on here who needs or wants one.

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Re: Buddipole

Good timing!

I have been looking at the Buddipole for the past week or so - trying to talk myself out of NOT buying one. But it sure seems intriguing.

I've read some of the reviews and honestly, I don't put a lot of stock in what people say, for one simple reason: Their expectations are too high.

There is no way that an AVERAGE ham radio, man portable comm's pack can perform optimally, given the physical limitations of the radio/antenna/ground/mounting system.

Some of the younger hams expect too much, probably given the "plug-play" mindset that is in their heads. To squeeze some signal out over a long distance, you have to work at it. If you are in the mountains, well you have a height advantage. But the hard part is putting together a compact grounding (actually a counterpoise) system that can work as well as a full set of multiple 1/4 wave radials. At best, for the sake of expediency, you'll be able to reel out one (1) 1/4 wave radial that you can lengthen or shorten to accommodate the freq of operation.

Some people can't get that through their thick skulls. Operating portable - in the field will ALWAYS be a challenge.

Having said that, I think our friend the Buddipole has a HUGE potential for emergency comm's. And I am kind of partial to his brother - the BuddiStick. To my eyes, that would be the ideal set up. Your antenna "footprint" is much smaller (clandestine?) given the vertical nature of the antenna. True, a V - or true dipole would be best, but we are talking something that you (one-man) can get on the air quickly, with minimal muss or fuss. Trust me, trying to sling a dipole between two trees is a bitch - and the Buddipole eliminates a large part of that by having a tripod and V-antenna formation. But, you have to admit, it would take a bit more time to set up than the BuddiStick. Also, it's a lot cheaper. And let's face it - hamsters are a cheap, frugal bunch that will drive 300 miles through the snow - uphill both ways- just to get a 10 ft section of coax for free. Does he need it? No - but he MIGHT need it and , hey - it was free.

I'm going to look into this a bit more and decide if I want to go this route.

Glad to see you back on the forum, Wolf.


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