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Airsoft pick gun...




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Post Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:39 am

Airsoft pick gun...

So I have found myself with a bit of free time because there haven't been any lockouts in my area (or ones that called me...lol) and I took out some old airsoft guns I bought when I was younger...I have successfully fitted a pick with the tip broken off onto an "automatic" battery powered mini mp5...It actually bumps the pins each time the spring releases (like when it shoots the plastic BB's) and I started thinking...How could I mod this to make it effective and quiet?...

Anybody have some thoughts for me?...I'm currently modding an airsoft handgun for a badass looking electric pick but it's too damn loud...lol

The Salty Dalty


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Post Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:29 am

Re: Airsoft pick gun...

I don't know how to help you on the operational part but I have a few airsoft guns myself and as far as I know there isn't really a practical way make it quieter. I think a gas powered gun would be quieter because there is no gearbox in it, but I think that would be way too powerful. I've never used an electric pick gun before so I don't know how much power they have. Depending on how much extra room there is inside you could try putting some material in there. If it is made of clear plastic you could easily see the space not being used.

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