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"Claw pick" to rotate chisel pins in Medeco



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Post Fri May 03, 2013 4:24 am

Re: "Claw pick" to rotate chisel pins in Medeco

I have often thought of a similar concept for ordinary pins. A half-diamond with a rounded out grove on top might be useful, especially if the front of the pick had a slight wedge shape to get under the next pin. One of the reasons I don't like hooks is that pushing them under the next pin, especially in a tight keyway, is not easy. I know many of the pros use a hook, but I haven't yet figured out how they proceed down the line without the front of the hook hitting the next pin. And if the keyway is narrow, you can't really get under.

Anyway, your pick is a cool way to rotate the Medeco pins.


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Post Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:57 pm

Re: "Claw pick" to rotate chisel pins in Medeco

I know this is an old post, but replying in hopes OP can post a template. I've been having a bugger of a time getting my medeco to rotate some of the pins. I'm using some modified Southord picks, but I'm thinking they are also too thick.

I modified a half-ball with a notch in it for the same idea as the OP, then ran into a low cut pin with a high cut behind it...definitely need something with more reach. Current pick that works the best is something like a Peterson gem, but seeing the OP shape does look better.

The good news is that my Medeco picks to sheer easily, and pretty easy to tell which one is binding on the sidebar, and a nice wide-open keyway. If I could just rotate those pins more accurately....

Has anyone tried the Sparrows Monstrum picks? Some of them look like they might work, just concerned they are in 0.025" thicknesses only.

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